Temple Of Faitiche - faitiche's monthly radio show on LYL. Next show's subjet/title: Excorcising Bacharach - one hour on Walk On By, on air Dec 21st, 15:00-16:00. Afterwards as stream & download available. 


Ian Cooper from Ultramarine sent over a nice mix of faitiche releases, titled MondoFaitiche!


Temple Of Faitiche - faitiche's monthly radio show on LYL. Next show's subjet/title: Music Without Progression - dripping & wafting sounds from Japan, on air Nov 23rd, 15:00-16:00. Afterwards as stream & download available. 



Wind, Hotel Mid In Akabane-Ekimae (unprocessed), Tokyo 2017


Presentation of faitiche artwork (among others) at Seeing Sounds: Visual Identities Exhibition, on the occasion of Ableton Loop, Berlin - Nov 10th-12th 2017.


Temple Of Faitiche - faitiche's monthly radio show on LYL. Next show's subjet/title: A hug or a handshake? Rhythmic patterns by Raymond Scott & Terrence Dixon, on air Oct 26th, 15:00-16:00. Afterwards as stream & download available. 





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Max Ernst about the return to his old home town Cologne (Interview, processed), Hessischer Rundfunk 1984 (excerpt from the radio piece Zwischen - 22 Lautgedichte). 


Temple Of Faitiche - faitiche starts a monthly radio show on french LYL - subject/title of the first show is Exocitism and includes excerpts of field recordings, film audio tracks & music. On air Sept 28th 2017, 15:00-16:00. All shows will be available as stream & download.


Jan Jelinek - Japan Tour, Nov. 2017. Please go to Night Cruising for further information. 


Ursula Bogner's Winkel Pong (faitiche15) & G.E.S.'s uguisubari is out now & available at the webshop. Vinyl repress of Jan Jelinek's Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records is available again end of September. 

Andrew Pekler: WindsLament (excerpt from a live performance on documenta 14 radio with added overdubs)


faitiche is delighted to present the release of faitiche15 & faitiche16. Format of both: 7" vinyl/DL - release date of both: Sept 8th 2017.


faitiche15 Ursula Bogner: Winkel Pong - 3 pieces from the Bogner archive, compiled and edited by Lucrecia Dalt.


faitiche16 G.E.S.: uguisubari - launch of a new Acoustic Surveillance Series. Each 7" vinyl single in the series presents a historical system for acoustic surveillance, beginning with G.E.S.’s uguisubari.


Please go to catalog for more information on both releases.

G.E.S.: Nijo-jo (A-side, faitiche16)


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Joseph Beuys on direct democracy (Interview, processed), Deutschlandfunk 1983 (excerpt from the radio piece Zwischen - 22 Lautgedichte). 


Computer Soup & Jan Jelinek: The Post-Anthem (from the album: Improvisations & Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001, Soup Disk 2002) - available as DL on faitiche soon.


Release date of Ursula Bogner: Winkel Pong (faitiche15) and G.E.S.: uguisubari (faitiche16) is September 8th 2017. Format of both: 7" vinyl/DL. More information soon.


Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - live at SOU Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia 2017 


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John Cage - about plans for the future (Interview, processed), DF 1977 (excerpt from the radio piece Zwischen - 22 Lautgedichte). 


Cave Orrecchio di Dionisio (chopped & layered), Siracusa 2017

Jan Jelinek'Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records 2xLP is available again from July 3rd 2017. A small amount of Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek's Schaum LP is back in stock!


Sven-Åke Johansson & Jan Jelinek, live at Syn/Cussion Festival, Berlin - May 7th 2017 


Premiere tonight: Zwischen - 22 Lautgedichte. A sound poetical collage by Jan Jelinek, commission for Radio SWR Ars Acustica.


Based on the blank-series on this website, the radio piece gathers 22 silent answers / exposes unitentional sounds by interviewees while they search for an answer. Each voice collage controlls a synthesizer patch. Available as free download & stream after the premiere (link above).


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Hubert Fichte about his 'meandering path of life' (Interview, processed), DRA 1965


Jan Jelinek's Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records 2xLP is sold out - a second repress is in work and will arrive May 31st. Read and listen more about Loop-Finding-Jazz-Record.   

Air Conditioning System at Pacific Alliance Medical Center (unprocessed), Los Angeles 2016


Ursula Bogner: Schleusen (sonor), year unknown. Higher resolution: YouTube


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Yoko Ono about her social origin and how it affects her work (Interview, processed), RBB 2007

faitiche14lp is sold out. faitiche13cd & faitiche13lp are temporarily not available. A second faitiche13lp repress is arriving end of May - a small amount of faitiche13cd will be back in stock soon.


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Ernst Jandl on the/his concept of language (Interview, processed), Hessischer Rundfunk 1999


Please note, that preordes for Jan Jelinek's Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (faitback01) are not possible. You can preorder via Anost, Boomkat, Bleep a.o. mailorder stores. Nevertheless an amount of LPs will be safed for the faitiche-mailorder (starting April 28th 2017).     


Performance of Schleusen (sonor), a composition for six signal generators by Ursula Bogner - on the occasion of an exhibition by Anne Gathmann - May 25th 2017 in Kassel, Germany. Please contact faitiche for participating as a performer.

Andrew Pekler: Frogpond Idyll (Live in Leuven, Belgium - October 13th 2016)


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Richard Buckminster Fuller about the function of art and creative experience (Interview, processed), Deutschlandfunk 1977 


Faitiche is delighted to present a long-lost vinyl album: Jan Jelinek's Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, originally released in 2001 on ~scape. The album will be re-released as a double LP with two bonus tracks (B-sides from the Tendency EP, 2000). Official release date: April 28th 2017

Jan Jelinek: Moiré (Strings), faitiche faitback01, 2017


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Marshall McLuhan about his work at the Centre for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto (Interview, processed), Deutschlandfunk 1977 



Faitiche is delighted to announce a new Ursula Bogner 7"vinyl for Spring 2017 - musically directed by Lucrecia Dalt  (title: Winkel Pong). More information soon.  

Ursula Bogner: Winkel Pong (faitiche15, 2017)