Andrew Pekler & Jan Jelinek play Sonne = Blackbox (Voice and Tape Music by Ursula Bogner) - live at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 3rd December 2011. Please watch here


faitiche07 (G.E.S. - More Circulations, 7inch vinyl) has delayed. New expected releasedate is 7th January 2012.

G.E.S.: Es vermitteln: Lautsprecher (faitiche07)



Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie

Symmetry from the gastronomy's point of view



Andrew Pekler & Jan Jelinek play Sonne = Blackbox (Voice and Tape Music by Ursula Bogner) - live at Künstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg, 26th October 2011. 

The performers were improvising to Ursula Bogner's recordings, which have been reconstructed on tape loops. Please watch here.


faitiche is happy to announce the group exhibition Rapid Rabbit 5: Herr & Huhn, which shows inter alia drawings & index cards by Ursula Bogner. 19th October - 23rd November 2011 at Künstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg.





A small amount of G.E.S. (faitiche02) 7inch-vinyls are back in stock. You can order here.  

G.E.S.: Birds of Heraklion


Helmut Schmidt spielt The Shangri Las

Helmut Schmidt plays The Shangri Las


Trabant by Ursula Bogner

Andrew Pekler, compiler of Sonne = Blackbox, has created a nice video-collage for Trabant. Please watch here.


Sonne = Blackbox (faitiche05) arrived and can be ordered here. Official releasedate is 14th of october 2011. Please go to catalog to read and listen more. Click here for book details.


faitiche05 (Sonne = Black Box, Voice and Tape Music by Ursula Bogner / LP / CD + Book) will finally arrive this week. More information very soon! The book's imprint, content and an excerpt of the introduction can been seen here as pdf.  



Jan Jelinek: Poren (Scape 2000)


faitiche's Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie (Symmetry from the gastronomy's point of view) is presented via Laura Mars Gallery at the Preview Berlin (9.9.-11.9.2011, Berlin). Details


Water, Ordesa, Spain 2011


faitiche06 (farben: "xango") has arrived. Official releasedate is 16th of september 2011. You can already order here as well. Please go to catalog to read and listen more about the forthcoming faitiche06 & faitiche05-releases. 




Summer break.

G.E.S. - Irrelevant sound effect (forthcoming 7inch vinyl - faitiche07)


faitiche is happy to announce two new releases for autumn 2011:


Expected releasedate of faitiche05 (Ursula Bogner: Sonne = Blackbox, LP and CD/Book) is 14th october 2011.

Expected releasedate of faitiche06 (farben: Xango 12"- Vinyl) is 16th september 2011. 





farben: Xango (faitiche06)


Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - live at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, Japan, 22nd May 2011. Please watch here.


Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie

Symmetry from the gastronomy's point of view


Dark-Backed Weaver (Ploceus Bicolor) - Voicemodulation


Conservatory vis-à-vis, Budapest, Hungary 2010


Groupshow (Andrew Pekler, Hanno Leichtmann, Jan Jelinek), Liverecording (excerpt) at Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon - 18th February 2010. Please watch here.


'Do you know music (which can be - however - traced back to Faitiche)?' 

faitiche presents the seventh audio collage - this time focused on faitiche songs (and field recordings). Please listen below. The audio collage's playlist can be sent to you via email.



Cosmo Caixa (Museum of Science Barcelona) in collaboration with Sonar - was asking Faitiche/Jan Jelinek for a performance, based on bird-recordings. The concert is part of Music and Birds and will take place on the 18th June 2011 at the Cosmo Caixa, Barcelona, Spain. The idea is to perform around five pieces/improvisations - each one focused on one certain bird-recording.

Wood Pigeon - Voicemodulation (excerpt).


Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie

Symmetry from the gastronomy's point of view


Finally a very small amount of Ursula Bogner 7inches are back in stock + New Ursula Bogner-Badgets arrived. You can order it here.       





Ursula Bogner: Or Dor Melanor (1981)

From the forthcoming Album/Book "Sonne = Blackbox. Voice and Tape Music by U. Bogner". More Information soon.


Damo Suzuki & Groupshow (Andrew Pekler, Hanno Leichtmann, Jan Jelinek), Liverecording (excerpts) at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin - 16th March 2011. Please watch here.


faitiche is happy to announce the exhibition Mélodie: toujours l'art des autres, which shows inter alia drawings, sketches & photographies by Ursula Bogner at the CEAAC, Strasbourg, France. Vernissage is on the 11th march and contains a live-performance of Schleusen. On this occasion faitiche is still looking for participients, who are interested in performing this composition together with Jan Jelinek. Please contact faitiche.  



Second Liverecording (excerpt) of 'Schleusen (sonor)', a concert for six Signalgenerators. Original composition by Ursula Bogner.

Performed by Mo Loschelder, Andrew Pekler, Tim Tetzner, Kassian Troyer, Holger Zapf & Jan Jelinek on the 2nd february 2011 at the CTM11, Festsaal Kreuzberg. Please watch here.


Street Trader, Lisbon, Portugal 2010


Room40 meets faitiche.

2nd February 2011 at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin - on the ocassion of ClubTransmediale11. Read more.



Ursula Bogner: Jubiläum

A new Ursula Bogner release is planned for spring 2011. More soon.


Helmut Schmidt spielt Messian

Helmut Schmidt plays Messian