Andrew Pekler & Jan Jelinek play Ursula Bogner, Metro - July 6th 2014, Kyoto (excerpt).


Love's unlimited Orchestra: Overcoming left melancholy via Dubstep and Microhouse - Article by Andrew Lison, New Formations 2012. Please read here.


"Nigthingale-Floor", Nijo-Jo, Kyoto 2014


Jan Jelinek: Corridor of Nijo-Jo, Kyoto 2014  - Four sketches, based on noisy floor boards ("nightingale floor") and one oscillator.


Faitiche01cd (Ursula Bogner: 1969-1988) repress is already available. Includes original hardcover packaging + 8 page booklet. More information here

Ursula Bogner: Speichen (Faitiche01)


Bayerischer Runfunk (BR2) broadcasts Dialoge zur Anthropologie, a radio play by Jan Jelinek, on May 2nd 2014. Please click here for more information.

Südwestrundfunk (SWR2) presents a new radio play by Jan Jelinek: Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt. First broadcast is on May 6th 2014 - the play will be also as download available. More information here.   

Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt (2nd excerpt) - Jan Jelinek


The faitiche web shop is closed until August 3rd 2014!


Jan Jelinek: Traffic Echoes (Remix for Freeform "Audiotourism", Quartermass 2002)


Farben presents James DIN A4 (faitiche12) is now available here. Please go to catalog to read and listen more.


Ursula Bogner - Recordings 1969-1988 (faitiche01cd) will be re-released. Official release date is May 30th 2014.  


Water meter at Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay 2013


Jan JelinekDie Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie - double projection

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The Exposures: Collage Of Digital Passion (2002), Eastern Development 2005.

Excerpt from the original linernotes:

"Originally intended to serve as a trailer soundtrack for the science programme Abenteuer Forschung (adventure research) to highlight the programme’s special edition on ‚sexuality and romance in digital postmodernism’ the entire composition is based on a collage of countless of ‘love’ samples, all taken from the R’n’B genre. (...)"



Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt - a radio play by Jan Jelinek (composition & realisation), Language: German. First broadcast: May 6th 2014, 11.03 PM on SWR.


The radio play reconstructs the first Biosphere 2 experiment, during which an artificial ecological system was sealed for two years with a team of eight researches living inside. The experiment failed because of technical and social problems.


Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt (excerpt) - Jan Jelinek


A new faitiche release is coming soon. Release date is April 18th 2014. Artist: Farben & James DIN A4. Title: Farben presents James DIN A4. More information soon.   

Farben & James DIN A4: Heimkehr der Vulgaren (faitiche12)


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