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Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek: Urub (2015)


First broadcast performance on SWR2 Ars Acustica tonight: Jan Jelinek's Beweisstücke für das Bombardement is a composition, collage and document about the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Krysztof Penderecki's score of Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima provides the conceptual frame for the arrangement of field recordings from the memorial. The radio piece is available as free download & stream here.



Jan Jelinek: Beweisstücke für das Bombardement (excerpt), 2015


ASUNA & Jan Jelinek: untitled (2014)


15th anniversary:

Gramm - Personal Rock (CD/LP), written and produced by Jan Jelinek, released in February 2000 on Source Records (re-released 2007 on Disque Corde - Japan only reissue) - now as download available.

Gramm: Legends/Nugroove(TM), Source Records, 2000


Südwestrundfunk (SWR2) presents a new radio play by Jan Jelinek: Beweisstücke für das Bombardement. First broadcast is on July 7th 2015.

The radio piece interprets the score Threnody For The Victims For Hiroshima by K. Penderecki (composed for string orchestra, 1960) - the interpretation is performed by loop players/sample programs, which play field recordings of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


right channel: Threnody for the Victimes of Hiroshima (Aukso Orchestra, 2012) - left channel: Beweisstücke für das Bombardement


Écoutez voir - exhibtion at Maison des éditions Pyrénées, including artwork/prints by faitiche. April 17th - June 26th 2015, Pau - France. More information here.


Richard Hamilton interviews Marcel Duchamp, London 1959


Performance of Schleusen (sonor), a composition for six signal generators by Ursula Bogner, on the occasion of Borderline Festival - March 7th 2015 in Athens, Greece.

Please contact faitiche if your are interested in participating as a performer.

Ursula Bogner: Rhythmus80 (faitiche/fantome 2009)


Jan Otto Allan: Wild Africa, 1972 - recorded with varying playback tempo.


Helmut Schmidt spielt Little Richard.

Helmut Schmidt plays Little Richard.


G.E.S.: Arcircle (unreleased, 2009)


Howling luggage belt, Heathrow, London 2014


Inakatei - feature about the Inakatei in Kyoto, a tiny soba-restaurant with a remarkable sonic environment: Koto background music joins guest's soup sipping.  
Many thanks for their help: Midori Hirano & Masahiko Takeda.


Jan Jelinek: Fake environments (versions of tropical rainforest). The artificial field recordings were produced for the radio piece "Dialoge zur Anthropologie" (2013).  


Hot springs, Beppu, Japan 2014


ASUNA - live performance at Kapo, Kanazawa - July 5th 2014. A ASUNA/Jelinek collaboration/release is planned for next year on faitiche


Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - live at Letratone Festival, Radialsystem - April 12th 2014, Berlin (excerpts)


'Do you know Japanese music?'

faitiche presents the ninth audio collage of field recordings and favorite tracks. The playlist can be send to you via email.

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Jan Jelinek: Western Mimikry, Scape / Faitback 2005


Andrew Pekler & Jan Jelinek play Ursula Bogner, Metro - July 6th 2014, Kyoto (excerpt).


Love's unlimited Orchestra: Overcoming left melancholy via Dubstep and Microhouse - Article by Andrew Lison, New Formations 2012. Please read here.


"Nigthingale-Floor", Nijo-Jo, Kyoto 2014


Jan Jelinek: Corridor of Nijo-Jo, Kyoto 2014  - Four sketches, based on noisy floor boards ("nightingale floor") and one oscillator.


Faitiche01cd (Ursula Bogner: 1969-1988) repress is already available. Includes original hardcover packaging + 8 page booklet. More information here

Ursula Bogner: Speichen (Faitiche01)


Bayerischer Runfunk (BR2) broadcasts Dialoge zur Anthropologie, a radio play by Jan Jelinek, on May 2nd 2014. Please click here for more information.

Südwestrundfunk (SWR2) presents a new radio play by Jan Jelinek: Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt. First broadcast is on May 6th 2014 - the play will be also as download available. More information here.   

Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt (2nd excerpt) - Jan Jelinek


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Jan Jelinek: Traffic Echoes (Remix for Freeform "Audiotourism", Quartermass 2002)


Farben presents James DIN A4 (faitiche12) is now available here. Please go to catalog to read and listen more.


Ursula Bogner - Recordings 1969-1988 (faitiche01cd) will be re-released. Official release date is May 30th 2014.  


Water meter at Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay 2013


Jan JelinekDie Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie - double projection

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The Exposures: Collage Of Digital Passion (2002), Eastern Development 2005.

Excerpt from the original linernotes:

"Originally intended to serve as a trailer soundtrack for the science programme Abenteuer Forschung (adventure research) to highlight the programme’s special edition on ‚sexuality and romance in digital postmodernism’ the entire composition is based on a collage of countless of ‘love’ samples, all taken from the R’n’B genre. (...)"



Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt - a radio play by Jan Jelinek (composition & realisation), Language: German. First broadcast: May 6th 2014, 11.03 PM on SWR.


The radio play reconstructs the first Biosphere 2 experiment, during which an artificial ecological system was sealed for two years with a team of eight researches living inside. The experiment failed because of technical and social problems.


Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt (excerpt) - Jan Jelinek


A new faitiche release is coming soon. Release date is April 18th 2014. Artist: Farben & James DIN A4. Title: Farben presents James DIN A4. More information soon.   

Farben & James DIN A4: Heimkehr der Vulgaren (faitiche12)


'Do you know Subaquatic Ape Theory?' faitiche presents an excellent audio collage/mix by Andrew Pekler. The mix's playlist can be send to you via email. 

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